Selling Features

PerformNOW helps you sell and communicate with customers more effectively with innovative lead management and open sales follow-up.

Complete Furniture CRM

PerformNOW contains numerous innovative features that are customized for the furniture industry. These include communication groups for lead management, open sales follow-up, and past purchase marketing. Tools such as calendar scheduling, email and text integration, automated workflows and management dashboards allow for improved employee productivity, additional in-store traffic, higher close rates, higher average sales and better revenue per guest.

Selling workflows by lead type

Telephone, chat, web inquiry, social media, in store, appointment

When a non-physical lead reaches out to you, that can be put into your sales funnel so you can be more productive and get better results. However, the lead come is, they are tracked. All communications with the lead are automatically recorded. Once an action is determined, either an appointment with a salesperson, a sale or some additional follow-up, communications and notifications are automatically triggered. It is proven that handling non-physical leads better creates much higher close rates, greater average sales, and incremental sales volume.

You save time and get more done when you implement professional workflows into your sales and marketing strategies.

Automated email and text follow-up

Your customers communicate in a variety of ways. Through pre-created email or text messages you can trigger professional communications. This can be used for past purchase follow-up, next purchase ideas, related purchases, private sale invites, or anything that you can imagine. This saves your people time and puts more customers back into your sales funnel.

Automatic call transcription

The conversations you have with your customers are important, as is the experience they get when calling your company. With inbound call management, you can easily setup phone trees, forward calls to the appropriate department, transcribe and record calls so that you have every detail about the conversations you have.

Mobile App: Apple and Google

The PerformNOW mobile app empowers you to be anywhere and still access your data. No need to be tied to your desk! Manage your contacts, CRM activities, events and track email newsletter broadcasts all from the palm of your hand. The PerformNOW CRM app will automatically synchronize your data with the web-based client, and it's free with all PerformNOW accounts.

Booking calendar

Let your meetings come to you. PerformNOW is all about saving you time, and the booking calendar is here to free up your time further. The booking calendar is a convenient feature for those prospective clients who need a specific date and time to meet with you and get the ball rolling on a demo or discovery call. It starts with setting up your event types, which as a sales professional will probably include demos, discovery calls, and the like to make sure that your leads know exactly what the meeting will entail.

Document signing

Create customized proposals, contracts, and other documents directly within PerformNOW. PerformNOW's document creator empowers you to use standard editing tools, along with special merge functions that automatically personalize information based on your contacts’ data. Create unlimited and unique templates, then save them for future editing and reuse. Our built-in documentation tools make it quick to close deals and easy to collaborate.

Opportunity Tracking

Stay on top of your leads and give yourself the best chance of winning deals with Opportunities. PerformNOW wants your team to be prepared for every lead that progresses through your funnel, until they are eventually a long-lasting client. The Opportunities portion of the CRM empowers salespeople to forecast deals, set custom phases, and track with a multitude of detailed graphs and charts. Setting up an opportunity is a simple process, but also allows the salesperson to customize how the opportunity will look in terms of products, and which phases will be available.

Core CXM Features

The Hub for all customer interactions – before and after the sale.

CRM customized for furniture business

Digital and physical Lead Management

Integration with software platforms

Automation of customer follow-up

Process and workflow management

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